The Story

Hi! I'm Emma, for those of you who don't know me I've always been into flowers - they come part and parcel with my life! My reasons for starting Honeybee Blooms was my love of having fresh flowers at home though it was a struggle to find flower bouquets with a difference! My designs are arty, unstructured and arranged in a wild & whimsical style. I'm self-taught, however in the Summer of 2017 I trained specifically in Wedding flowers in Bath, Somerset and can create the bridal posy of you've always dreamed of, pretty pew ends and more!

I'm really into creative people and go-getters. I love bloggers, photo-takers, cake makers, boutique owners, designers - anyone with a cool idea and a drive to make it happen. If you want to collaborate or have a chat or ask any kind of question email me at

I hope you love your posy as much as I enjoyed creating it. E x