The Story

Hi! I'm Emma, for those of you who don't know me I've always been into flowers - they come part and parcel with my life! My reason for starting Honeybee Blooms was my love of having fresh flowers at home, though it was a struggle to find flower bouquets with a difference!


I'm primarily self-taught, however in the Summer of 2017 I trained specifically in wedding flowers at the Tallulah Rose Flower School in Bath, Somerset and can create the bridal party, ceremony & reception flowers you've always dreamed of - whether you like sophisticated and simple or loud and tropical!

There is a magic in simply creating. I would describe my style as arty, unstructured and inspired but most importantly, I think my secret ingredient is colour. Colour is pretty cool. Just think how it affects our mood, how it energises or calms us – and nature is the greatest colourist of all.

I'm really into creative people and go-getters. I love bloggers, photo-takers, cake makers, boutique owners, designers - anyone with a cool idea and a drive to make it happen. If you want to collaborate or have a chat or ask any kind of question email me at