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Ceremony Set-Ups

Ceremony Set-Ups

Let's talk about ceremony set-up's!

There are so many options when it comes to set-ups, so, where to start.

Plinths - Florals styled on top of plinths (like you see in the Featured image). These can either be in hidden vases or styled using chicken wire.


Pillars - These are structures completely covered in flowers/foilage from head to toe. Usually vertical and asymmetrical.


Arches/Backdrops - Florals arranged and styled onto a frame or solid backdrop.


Trees - Florals styled on a nearby tree (if you're lucky enough to have one of these in your location!).


Floor Arrangements - This is when florals are made up on the floor creating a little nest of flowers to line the aisle or for you and your loved one to stand in. These are great as they can be re-purposed for your guest tables after the ceremony.


Sculptures - Florals arranged and manipulated to create a unique shape becoming sculptural like (one of my favourites!).


Not sure which one is suitable for you? Send me an email or new enquiry through the website and I can suggest which will be best suited to your vibe, budget and venue location!


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