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Flower School - Throwback!

Flower School - Throwback!

This month marks the 3 year anniversary since I trained in Wedding Flower Design at the Talullah Rose Flower School. Where does time go! 

I trained here due to the great reviews and felt it would be a great match for my style and ethos for my business.

The course I chose was the 'Bridal Weekend - The Whole Shebang'. It was such a worthwhile experience and I gained valuable floristry skills in the following areas:

  • Flower crown construction
  • Buttonhole design
  • Wiring techniques
  • Various bridal bouquet shapes 
  • Floral urn design
  • Experimental installations  

What did I enjoy most about the course?

I know everyone must say the same, but truly EVERYTHING. Walking into the schoolroom in the morning, and smelling the flowers before I could even see them. The incredible, no holds barred selection of flowers from which we could choose. Not feeling stressed in the morning before we began or worried about the next day in the evening when I got back to my AirBnb. My confidence soared as I finally found something which felt so right and natural. Meeting so many other wonderful creatives was a bonus and being able to be express my creativity and imagination was awesome. Leaving after the course had finished, I was optimistic for a successful, creative job doing something I loved..

What was the most important thing that I learned?

That it is possible to make floristry into a successful career, provided you have the correct business tools, work ethic and mindset. So much of this industry is learned once you hit the ground running, but Tallulah Rose gave me the greatest start for which I could have hoped.

Where did I stay?

I stayed in a Georgian House listed on AirBnb which I've provided the link for below. It’s in Bath, a beaut part of the world! This is where the flower school was located at the time however I think they’ve since moved. Simona was a great host and I would recommend here if you prefer a quiet haven. It's just a  20min walk to the centre.

If you're thinking of a career in floristry I'd highly recommend the courses at this Flower School. 


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