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Wedding Flowers - Let's Talk

Wedding Flowers - Let's Talk

Where to start with this one! Here goes some straight talking...

I reckon wedding flowers are possibly one of the most undervalued things at a wedding, and it's largely because of their short life span. Let's face it, we're not used to spending big bucks on something that will die after a week - I get it.

However, when you book a wedding florist, you're not just paying for the raw product (which costs money for the grower to grow from a seed to a bloom, harvest and transport to a flower market - all while paying staff). You're also paying for things that go on behind the scenes >>

1. Pre-dawn wake-ups, late night sit ups in the days leading up to the wedding to hit the flower market/receive deliveries and start prep.

2. Relationships built with growers and wholesalers.

3. Cool rooms to keep flowers and foilage fresh.

4. Flower husbandry (pruning, hydrating, petal prep, reflexing your roses etc). Sometimes when flowers arrive in, a % of stems will be unusable. It could just be a 'bad bunch' or 2/3 stems have broken during transport so I need to replace them with an alternative.

5. Actual flower arranging (a lot of time).

6. Appropriate transport to ensure the flowers arrive in perfect condition.

7. Delivery time and travel to from the flower market/bride and groom's homes/church/venue etc.

8. Staff, studio overheads, additional mechanics required (floral tape, flower frogs) and general costs of running a business.

9. Time spent liasing with couples and honing a vision for their wedding.

10. Years spent refining a craft - the actual artistry.

Lastly, a little bit of margin. Trust me, like most others in the wedding industry we aren't driving around in Ferrari's - we all do this job because we LOVE it.

Sometimes there can be a misconception about Floristry being glamorous. While it's a fantastic job it's also challenging, time-consuming, and a labour of love and talent working with a living medium. I'm sure other florists find it difficult in explaining the value of their work but hopefully this gives an insight to what's actually involved in the job. 

The way I look at wedding flowers is, what they will add to the aesthetic and vibe of the day and to know they will be immortalised in photos and video. Flowers always bring everything to life! Your dresses, tables, even the cake!

As with everything to do with your wedding, my BIGGEST piece of advice is to invest in the things that matter to you both and that makes it easier when allocating your budget.

If you need some guidance with your wedding flowers or conceptual design and style I'd love to help so just drop me a line!




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