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World Flower Shortage

World Flower Shortage

Just a quick update for customers and my bride & grooms!

From early 2021 I have seen a significant increase in auction prices on flower imports as a result of Brexit and currently there's a flower shortage. 

Supply does not equal demand and at the moment, demand is too high. Farmers and growers had to toss out thousands upon thousands of stems when everything shut down in 2020. Growers then planted LESS last year predicting covid would continue to affect the world this year (which it did and is).

Every florist I know booked a lot more weddings than they normally would because they were micro/smaller-scale weddings and then BAM, the world opened up and wedding guest numbers increased! This meant more bridal party flowers, centrepieces, instals & more - LAST MINUTE.

While us florists normally focus on the week ahead we're having to spend more time sourcing substitutes to fulfil last minute requests and re-do flower 'recipes' (that were confirmed months ago) for stems that are now unavailable. If stems do become available such as the Quicksand or Cappuccino rose, the price is now 3 times what it normally is! It is a stressful and labour-intensive time so please trust in that I can make your day just as beautiful regardless.

Trust your florist, he/she is doing the best they can right now and here's hoping 2022 will be more back to normal. 


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