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Game of Thrones - Wedding Inspiration

Game of Thrones - Wedding Inspiration

If you're a huge Game of Thrones fan like me, you were on the edge of your seat last month watching the Final Series! Amazing!!


Episode 3 was definitely my favourite! From the very opening of the episode, the tension was already building. Simply the variation from the usual, and the way the blue tiles of the Night King surround Winterfell, is enough to start the worry, but that's emphasised by the preparations for the battle. The viewer is thrust in with Sam, and his anxiety is only mirrored by the anxiety of everyone else around him as he's given a weapon and sent off to find a place to stand and wait. Tyrion grabs a skin of wine and heads for the crypts with Sansa and the other non-fighters. The Unsullied march into position. Lyanna Mormont rallies her men with lots of fierce yelling. The Dothraki horde wait, horses pawing anxiously at the snowy ground. Everyone was on edge, and with good reason. The fate of the world was in their hands! 

The last episode was a little disappointing but still one of the greatest series i’ve ever watched. 


With so many scenes filmed here in Northern Ireland, it’s undoubtedly a number one wedding destination for any fan thinking of eloping to get married! I’ve put together some GoT inspired wedding tablescapes, wedding cake designs (including dragon scales on one!), and even floral lanterns for your bridesmaids. Enjoy!










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