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Hi All,

Been hoping to start blogging/sharing my flower journey for quite a while now so i'm excited this is my first post!

Thought i'd share a little bit about me and sometimes it’s nice to know the face on the other end of the phone or replying to a message/email so here’s a bit about me! ‘Emma Honeybee’ 😉

🌾 How did I get started in Floral Design?

Initially when I first caught the ‘flower bug’ I was too old (28!) to get an apprenticeship or trainee job in a florist shop. At the time I was working for a well-known fashion retailer as their eCommerce Manager and attended floristry classes in the evening whilst also training myself to be proficient enough to give it a go! 

In university I studied Fashion Design & Technology (I made a dress for Belfast Fashion Week once and remember the makeup artist backstage getting makeup all down the front of it just before the model walked the catwak). Devastating at the time 🙈😂 I can laugh about it now though! I knew then a career in dressmaking wasn’t for me. 

Having always had an interest in the arts, turning my attention to flower design was natural I suppose as it’s still in the creative field. 

🌾 What are my desk essentials?

Usually a mug of half drunk tea, floral shears, a rose thorn stripper, my iphone and ipad - I use the ipad for YouTube to listen to Michael Jackson while I work! 🎵

🌾 What have been my main creative influences?

My mum has a wild & free approach to gardening that has always inspired me. Nothing matches - a mix of brights, pastels and varying plant textures in the same flower bed.

A huge source of inspiration has been from Australian-based florists such as Signature Floral Design & The Black Posy along with other global influences; social media, fashion week style - even architecture. 

🌾 What do I like most about my job?

Customer satisfaction! It means so much to get a personal recommendation especially as a small business.

There is also my never-ending fascination with the different types of flowers, foilage + materials available to work with and the joy of the moment when all the elements of a design come together! 😊

E x


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